Homemade White Grape Jelly Recipe

Homemade White Grape Jelly Recipe

White grape jelly recipe ingredients:

  • White grapes
  • Sugar
  • 1 lemonĀ 

How to make homemade grape preserves instructions:

Wash the grapes, clean it from stalks, remove grape seeds (press it) and cook it to fall apart. Strain it through a fine strainer.

Measure the grape juice that you got and in every 4.4 cups (1 l ) of juice, add 12.5 oz (350 g) of sugar and lemon juice.

Cook the grape juice with sugar and lemon, till sugar melts and mixture become thick (about 30 minutes), and stir it occasionally.

Remove foam from surface of the grape jelly preserves with a spoon, pour the hot jelly in the clean warm jars and seal them.

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