Difference Between Jelly Jam and Preserves

Preserves vs jam, compote vs jam… The difference between them comes in the form that fruit takes. How to make jam?

Jams are made by boiling fruit and sugar to a thick consistency and does have fruit bits.

How to make jelly?

Jellies are made by boiling sugar, the juice of fruit and with gelatin or pectin, and does not have fruit bits.

How to make marmalade?

Marmalade is a clear sweetened jelly, sometimes with fruit rind and without fruit bits.

How to make preserves?

Fruit Preserves – fruit made into jams or jellies and cooked whole or in large pieces, so as to keep its shape.

How to make syrup?

Fruit Syrup is a thick sticky solution of sugar and concentrated juice of a fruit.

What is compote?

Fruit Compote is a dessert of fruit cooked in syrup.

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